Unlimited Reasons To Send A Poncho Potato


Here are  reasons others have Mailed a Poncho Potato!

Tell someone you miss them

Sorority Party Invites

Ask your grandparents if they still are taking you on vacation. 

Remind someone you still are mad at them

Ask your mother an important question

Invite your brother over for drinks

Let your sister know she is awesome!

Invite your neighbor to your BBQ.

Tell your friend you are sorry for puking in his car. 

Remind your group the presentation is on Friday

Send yourself one because you want one

Ask your uncle if you can buy his truck

Thank your teacher for their hard work.

Tell a coworker they need to take a shower. 

Invite your grandparents for dinner

Let everyone know you're having a baby boy

Tell your godchildren you love them

Invite people to your drag show