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Unforgettable MESSAGE!!

Reasons You should Send a Potato by mail?

• Remind someone they owe you money

• Let your baby daddy know child support is due

• Tell your siblings you still love them

• Remind your parents your possibly graduating in fall

• Tell your employees they still have to work on Christmas

• Remind your students that daylight savings time is on Sunday

• Say sorry for throwing up on someone's couch

• Remind your "friend" to call you back

Funny gift cheap mail parcel message

What Is A Poncho Potato?

Funny gift cheap mail parcel message

A Poncho Potato is a real potato dressed in a Poncho that will include your custom message. It is the most random yet unforgettable thing someone can receive. By adding your message, it will be hard for the receiver ever to forget what you have to say! Sending a customized potato in the mail to a friend, enemy, coworker, employee, family, or member is just fun!

Every Order Will Include 3 things:

funny random message gift

Very own one of a kind Poncho Potato Handmade in the USA.

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Your personalized message that you would like the receiver to see.

comes potato sack

A miniature reusable potato sack to keep your Poncho Potato!

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People Love Poncho Potatoes

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"It was FUNNY receiving a Poncho Potato!" 

                                                                                                                                 Trevor T.

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